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Trifon Balev (1998). English-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-English Dictionary of Intelligence and Counter-intelligence Terminology
(Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 2000.)
19 srp 2000 01:52:00

Sofia: Trud Books Publishing House. pp. 174.
ISBN 954-528-104-9

This dictionary contains professional terms, jargon and lexical items related to intelligence, counterintelligence and administrative activity which are used in colloquial speech and works of fiction, and intended more for a broad reading public than for a limited circle of specialists and professionals. The dictionary will also be useful for Bulgarian and foreign specialists who remain in contact with each other due to their official duties in the area of security, intelligence and counterintelligence activity, organized crime, etc.

Since not all words and phrases have an equivalent meaning in the US and UK, and in fact differ substantially even within different intelligence or counterintelligence institutions, an appropriate explanation is provided in brackets after such words. An example would be the word "sleeper", which in CIA jargon means "a deep cover agent", but in FBI jargon "an object of investigation that had ceased temporarily its activity, subject of investigation".

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Also words and phrases that are of US or UK origin, or are used chiefly by the special services of the USA or the United Kingdom, are supplied with an explanation in brackets after the respective word. The spelling has been preserved according to the original - US or UK - source.

The dictionary has been compiled by processing more than a dozen UK and US books and many other publications. Without claiming to be comprehensive and exhaustive, this dictionary represents an interesting publication - the first of its kind in Bulgarian book publishing circles. For obvious marketing purposes, the print was designed in a miniature "spy" format which allows it to be kept easily in the shirt pocket.

The dictionary was compiled by a reserve colonel who served for many years at one of the information gathering and analytical directorates of the Bulgarian special services.

Gen. Todor Boyadjiev

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