in memoriam Miroslav Tuđman
(Volume 21, No. 3, 2020.)
05 ožu 2021 11:40:00

Due to the consequences of COVID 19 diseases, in the evening hours on January 31, 2021, Prof.Dr. Miroslav Tuđman, initiator and founder of the St. George Association and this journal, National Security and the Future, of which he was the editor-in-chief from the first issue. For 20 years. So long time that went so fast.


We started editing this issue at the end of October last year, wanting to keep the regular rhythm of publishing it. We planned to publish it at the end of December 2020. However, we were prevented from doing so by the fact that Prof. Tuđman get COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Unfortunately, the disease was relentless. It changed our desires, plans, projects, ideas, reflections, and aspirations that we wanted to move in the time that was supposed to be ahead of us. Numerous texts from the domains of information-communication and intelligence-security-defence sciences, as well as other topics from the domain of homeland and national security, will unfortunately be written by different author teams.


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The project of writing a historical overview of the development of the Intelligence Community of the Republic of Croatia, which grew up in the Homeland War as one of the key pillars of the victorious policy, will continue as we agreed at the beginning. We will be deprived of the author's contribution of Prof. Tudjman in the form of an editorial that was supposed to unite the entire project and give it, as in other projects, the final added value.

We planned to hold and publicly mark 20 years of regular publication of our journal. However, for epidemiological reasons, we have postponed it for a time when it will be possible to do so in the way the Journal deserves. And we will organize it, but without the physical presence of prof. Tudjman.


This journal will continue where we left off at present moment. We will continue to gather, not share; develop and build bridges of scientific and professional cooperation and trust based on scientific reflection at the national and international level; to think about the future without tapping in history as a consequence of the anchoring and attachments to the shackles of the past, the past should be understood and source of experience and knowledge so that mistakes do not repeat themselves; we will continue to provide opportunities for young scientists as well as postgraduate doctoral students and to encourage their scientific and socially useful development; and all that the editor-in-chief of the journal. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Tudjman wrote in his last published article dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the publication of this journal. 


Based on scientific discourse, we have clearly and unequivocally analysed a number of open issues imposed on the Republic of Croatia as a kind of accusation against President Tudjman's policies. We fought against numerous disinformation and forgeries (and we were among the first in Europe to recognize and warn early enough how much damage the policies of targeted placement of disinformation in the public space can and will cause) with evidence, truth and rationality. In that direction, we will continue our commitment to scientific truth.


We will continue where we left off, based on what was written at the beginning of the journal:
Therefore, National Security and the Future will be dedicated to the advancement and understanding of principles and practices of intelligence and national security in contemporary history and foreign policy.

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